In situ

30/11/11, 4pm

(St Andrews Day)

People stumble, regain composure


A number 16 bus passes by, Silverknowes

The advert on the side of the bus shows a young woman with hands raised to her face

Her faux surprise and jewels travel west under the caption ‘see the wonderful’

Men on a rooftop at no.57 do pull-ups from scaffolding poles

The cafe is full

With froth and steam

Tourists arrive in search of holiday lets and jab at phones

A man gets out of a meat van and unloads white boxes at 44a

A dog’s nose twitches

A woman licks stamps onto a postcard outside no.42


The slabs of pavement line up like a game of tetris

It’s not rained in over a week

Grey bands stripe the sky like milk gone off

A little boy holds onto a helium balloon in his left hand

Don’t let go, he remembers

Now the lampposts click on,

Their sodium light flickers and teases like a knowing smile

The half-moon moon rises

Wallace sits at his favourite table in the window of Nobles

I see my own reflection (rings, fingers, lips)

The man returns to the meat van


The sound of a fire engine is far away