In situ

30/11/11, 4pm

(St Andrews Day)

People stumble, regain composure


A number 16 bus passes by


The advert on the side of a bus shows a young woman with hands raised to her face

Her faux surprise and jewels continue traveling west under the caption ‘see the wonderful’

The cafe is full

Tea pours

Guests arrive from the airport (airline labels stuck to their suitcase)

A man gets out of a meat van and unloads white boxes


A woman sticks stamps onto a postcard

Men on a rooftop do pullups from a scaffolding pole

A dog’s nose twitches

I’m licking the inside of a yoghurt pot

The squares of pavement line up like a game of tetris

It’s not rained in over a week

Grey bands stripe the sky like milk gone off

A litlle boy holds a helium balloon

The lampposts click on,

Their sodium light flickers like a half-smile


The moon rises

Wallace sits at his favourite table in the window of Nobles

I see my own reflection (rings, fingers, napkins, coffee stain)

The man returns to the meat van


The sound of a fire engine is far away.