Maggie Out Pie

Mix fried onions, tinned tuna fish and baked beans. Cover with mashed potato, toasted bread crumbs and grilled tomato, then cook in a casserole dish for 30 minutes at 180 degrees. Atop the mashed potato mound should be a homemade flag attached to a cocktail stick – initials, a saltire, or in 1990- a skull and crossbones. Maggie Out Pie was alike in recipe and ingredients to Boxing Day pie, United for the Cup pie, baby Lucy arrives pie, and Dad is cooking tea pie. But all the more filling because we had never tasted it before. I didn’t know who Maggie was to have deserved her own pie except that Dad seemed particularly pleased with himself that Sunday evening. Everyone asked for seconds. Big helpings of the pie filled our small tummies and we slept soundly. The sweetness of the baked beans and fried onions went in. The bitterness of the Poll Tax, the Pitts and Privatisation went out, I was told. Now our bigger tummies and open eyes are hungry again for new pies and it is our turn to cook them.


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