Referendum notification

Leaders have left the conversation



EU have been defriended

Angry emoji

Remain logged in

UK relationship status pending update

Scotland friend request

Share and comment

Favourite face to face

We’re having a moment

The draft folder empty

How can we un-tag

This ugly profile picture?

Many hits to the homepage


Is there a ‘make us look less racist’ filter?

Mark as junk

Keep scrolling, searching

Block the 140 characters swiping to the right

Unfollow the selfies

Is the UK a parody account

Crowd-funded by fear and mistrust?

Slow thunderclap

Who has the reset password?

It’s been a while since EU last posted

Thumbs down

Confusion, panic, embarrassment is now trending

Warning – low battery remaining

Plug-in, recharge, disconnect

Brexit gone viral

Delete account



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