Pegasus, our Menorcan horse

Mira – age!

Born at dawn, a colt

Lightening, a thunder bolt

The earth rusting with blood.


New legs waking into today

Blinking hearts opening to

Pegasus, our Menorcan horse.

Meta- data!

The surprise foal

Friend to the muses

Sandals becoming hooves.


Unfurling your wings and helping you to stand

Mother Medusa, with neck seeping like sea-foam

Father Poseidon, with hair curling like reigns.


An eagle picking at the placenta

Stretched sinews drying in the August sun

Were we worthy of your gift?


A constellation conceived

The sky shuffling its stars

A single feather falling to the ground.

[Translation notes Spanish to English: mira (look), a hoy (today), meta (foal), alas (wings), criar (rise), volar (to fly)]


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