Dust Bowl Blues

I silenced your parents.

Total clearance,

All of your kin.

And now, within,

Ma hoose, you’re slowly starvin’.

Wee moose,

If you were in a cage with a name,

I’d feel greater shame.

For then I would be the sleekit, tim’rous beastie.

But you arrived in the spring breeze,

A little Minnie taking the Mickey,

Smelling the cheese.

Always so quickly,

Tail lacing up the floor board.

Shat yourself happy and scored

Dog biscuits, of uncertain meats.

Rat poisons, found next to pet treats.

I am, a yelping and a skelping,

A screeching and a bleaching

My flat, you were, beseeching.

Trap and a snap.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Rigor mortis, corpses.

Tipping soft skin,

Fruit peelings, no feelings,

Bread crust, your dust.

An empty bowl.

The full kitchen bin.

That old dust storm’s killed my baby

But, it can’t kill me, Lord

And it can’t kill me

Woodie Guthrie


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