Dens Road

The year 1985

Fae Dundee, ken

We’re United, pure braw

Knees grazed raw

Take a keek,

Hide and seek.

Sponge-like, orange and velour

Are the cushions for walls.

Sofa, so good

Queen of a highly inflammable castle

A den until someone calls teatime.

The year 2000

Won’t it be strange when we’re all fully grown

Moss and mould, under canvas shown

Leafy canopy beyond suburban jungle

Storm brewing,

Tea brewing.

Gimme shelter

Rucksack unpacked

Key under the mat,

Name on the door

A den until someone cracks.

The year 2015

A caravan,

An out of tune harmonica,

Yin and yang

Some sort of exotica.

But domesticity, simplicity

Is what I wanted.

So undaunted,

A cave woman,

Keeps the cushions for walls.

A den until someone looses their balls.


Flowers in the meadow

Looking out the window

Blushing stems, burning incense.

Smells of toast, like the house

With marmalade, they made.

Sitting uncomfortably,

Still, waiting for it to begin.

Home is where the heart is.

So how do you find the way,

When things fall apart

Along the Dens Road?


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