speed Bonnie boat

Five boats, four trains, ten buses, five islands, one woman, one dog, and a lot of walking. Bonnie and I are planning a journey together across the Western Isles of Scotland- setting off from Constitution Street, Leith, at the start of June, and returning home again before midsummer on 21 June.

outer hebrides

Edinburgh – Glasgow- Oban- Barra- Eriskay- South Uist- Benbecula- North Uist- Harris- Lewis- Tarbert- Skye- Mallaig- Glasgow- Edinburgh

Each day, we want to invite other people and their dogs to take us on a favourite walk and share a good story or song. This is where your help is needed. If you or someone you know is on our route, please get in touch jemma.neville@gmail.com or @jemma_tweets and we’ll come and find you. Recommendations too, please, for dog-friendly accommodation.

I will be visiting art and community centres along the way for work, and we will pause for beach time in North Uist.

Tapadh leat!

ferry to Islay last summer

Paws up! Bons here. I’m getting a little grey behind the ears and I reckon it’s time that this scamp from the city saw more of the world. Word in the park is that the Isle of Harris has some of the best white, sandy beaches and mountains in the world.

It was somewhere on the familiar walk from Leith Links park to Portobello beach – that stretch of roadside where you can smell the burning bodies of the crematorium on the right and the churning shit of the sewage factory on the left; all swirling together in a great stinking North Sea haar – that I thought, I can do better than this. I gave a cheeky wink to the Seafield Dog Home and my old staffie makers, and changed direction.

So fellow pooches and your humans, pack your lead and join us for a dander. If you’re small, dark and handsome, all the better. Best paw forward… Bx



Twitter @bonhound

Another landscape,

another swept glen,

more roadside wildflowers

breezing through their season

and round the next bend

– lo! another sea-loch

shot with nets of aquamarine…

Highland Sketch by Kathleen Jamie in ‘The Overhaul’


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