Tae Leith


Inscription on stone, Water of Leith pathway

Smells of the sea but all I can see is

The view from the bus number 22,

Ways we learn to tolerate, berate, but never hate

One another. Side by side

Doon The Walk and up the talk,

Belting out a Sunshine last-orders chorus.

Crafted beer, the bard and the beards,

You’re looking awfy noble on Constitution Street.

Gie us a kiss Mary Moriarty, Tony Aneka and Mr Bishops.

I’m passing through but no staying lang, you understand,

Well, the nights in sooty shadow of tired tenements.

You’ve seen it all before. And will again.

Smells of the sea but all I can see is

The thick disappointment of an east coast haar.

Seagulls surly; darlking darlings, or pterodactyls picking

At the ghosts of tram tracks, old bones and second-hand nostalgia.

Gate to the kirk, key to the dockside, shoreside, yer wee bit of an the side

Order to go at Perinos chip shop queue. Salt n sauce.

Dugs and drugs. Banana flats and Tattie Shaws,

You took me in. In deep.

Dog shit we curse and look west for other stories.

Stories Home Bakery. Open all hours.

See, I cannae decipher your thick skin from the thin page on which I write

A love sang tae Leith.

We quarrel. We make up. We persevere.


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